Hanwha Techwin Big Gun Ready


"Hanwha Techwin officials have confirmed that the company's 105 mm self-propelled howitzer is ready for mass production"

No word if this will be offered as a solution with their cameras.

I noticed they are just relabeling this anyway:

"It [the EVO-105] consists of a standard KIA KM500 (6x6) 5-tonne truck chassis with the rear cargo area modified to accept the upper part of the 105 mm M101 towed gun from the United States"

The preferred title is 'ODM'....

I believe that the 105mm howitzer is actually part of their Wisenet Lite line.

Their big gun is the K9, a 150mm howitzer, already in production, shown here:

They do have cameras available on their robotics platforms, which also have armament.

A robotic camera gun??? That's half our members dream come true!

A wall mounted camera gun was actually pictured in the US catalog a few years ago. It offered 7.62mm and bean bag rounds.

At various trade shows, they have also shown their robotic vehicles, which I believe can also include cameras, autonomous security routes...


Please put this in my demo kit, please put this in my demo kit, please put this in my demo kit....

Techwin dealer of the year wins one!

As long as I am behind it (the big gun) and not in front of it...

First Milestone/ONSSI goto War, then Hikvision warns of Massive Bloodletting, and now Techwin is building its own Panzer division!

What hath become of this industry, I ask?

They started making self propelled artillery in 1984, jet tubines in 1980. They built the first KF-16 (Korean F-16 jet) in 1997. They also worked with Bell to design the SB427 as a joint venture.

I guess what I'm trying to say, is, don't bring a cannon to a F16 fight...