Switch From Hikvision To Hanwha?

There seems to be so much talk about Hikvision this Hik that and vulnerabilities and so on and on. I've probably installed a thousand of them easy and I'm pretty much done with it. I don't care if we have to spend some more. Does anybody have experience with Hanwha? I have some good size orders in the pipeline and I'm considering switching gears completely.

I am a recent Hanwha camera fan - in particular the XND models.

Hanwha is about all we install at our fairly large school district. Hundreds of Wisenet 3 cameras and many Wisenet 5 (X-series). Completely recommend the X-series line when performance counts. I use the Wisenet Device Manager when needing to update firmware on all cameras.

This report addresses switching: Hikvision Best Alternatives Picked By Integrators; Hanwha was one of the top choices.

Overall, integrators, I believe correctly, view Hanwha as being a quality choice in between, price wise, to Hikvision and Axis.

Hello UI1...

Please let me know if I can help you at all with your familiarization with Hanwha, if I can make any introductions for you, align you with product or additional company info, etc-- I'd love to point you in the right direction and make this transition an easy one for you!

We used them before when they were Samsung and it had great success before and after the switch. We sell 50% axis and 50% Hanwha. We did have some trouble a couple of years ago during a big project with bad out of box but we have not had that in the five years since. We love their configuration tool and if you are good with scripting you can easily do anything to each camera without having to login such as turning on Wide dynamic range or automatically focusing them.

For me to have the best bang for their buck.

Hanwha is a South Korea based company... A plus for many compared to Hikvision.

And priced closely to products Made in China.

I've had good experience with them. Their team seems to be top notch as well as the product.


What problems were you having with Hik that you want to switch?

Not much, just growing tired of supporting a communist regime and the fact that there is a number of vulnerabilities. I'd rather give my money to somebody else. I'm sure they feel the effects of my departure. I just don't want to use it anymore. I really wish I could buy something that was made in America that was competitive and worth using.

I've been thinking about doing the same thing. It seems like Hikvision rules in my market and I've been thinking about switching to separate myself from the rest of the integrators out here. Plus the hik-connect app is horrible.

We use Hanwha. The onboard analytics are a value add and if set up properly work very well. We have to buy licenses for those features with other cameras.

We have done an increasing amount of Hanwha lately with their newer Wisenet X line; there are a few cameras that aren't yet supported by some larger VMS companies (though that will be changing in the next 30-60 days as they become supported) and have had great results. They have some really neat tools, great compression, and we haven't had any bad out of the box. In terms of switching from a HIK, definitely the right call (get ahead of the rush of bad news and risks that will be coming out over the next few months).

We have a worldwide partnership with Hanwha at Veracity. Their Wisenet 3 and 5 cameras when used with the TRINITY app and COLDSTORE using SSM, is a very powerful offering.

I'd rather prefer to switch to Uniview, that offers the best bundle of essential technologies built-in their cameras for the best price, and the results are incredible.