Handicaped Button For Motorized Dual Door Operator

Good morning all -

Would someone have indications as to where should be located the handicapped

button on a pair of motorized outswinging doors in order to be ADA compliant?


Lori Greene interprets the relevant citations and gives the guidelines here.

  • Button located from one to five feet from the door, but no more than twelve feet away
  • The switch on the swing side and not blocked by the door when in the open position
  • Switches should not be located where use puts the person in the swing path of the door
  • The switch should be mounted in a location where the person has full sight of the door
  • Mounting height of 34” to 48” off the floor

Thank you for the quick and clear asnwers.

After reading Ms. Green article, I have the following question:

Is the fact of having the access control system programming

triggering the door actuator when reading a specific token considered

a ''knowing act'' ? This specific location is going to be using Bluetooth readers

technology and personal devices as token carrier. Of course the handicapped

button would remain for unregistered users.

Thanks for your help in this matter!

Yes: whatever mechanism is used to trigger an operator assisted opening qualifies as a 'knowing act' actuator.

So a 'registered user' actuator has the same requirements as one who is 'unregistered' regardless.

Does this slide apply?

To the hyperlegislated world of ADA, there is a difference between operator actuators/pushbuttons and general readers. Pushbuttons typically require physical contact, so categorically 'knowing act' requirements are used.

Readers are somewhat looser in 'minimum' installed heights. They may not need physical contact.