Guns Now Allowed Inside Public Building (Schools, Hospitals, Libraries) Unless They Buy More Security

If you are not from US, read on for how gun crazy America is.

If you are from the US, and are gun crazy, you will enjoy this.

Kansas recently voted to "require cities and counties to make public buildings [like schools, hospitals, courthouses] accessible to people legally carrying concealed weapons."

Why, "Reasoning that more guns means greater safety." One Kansas politician argued: "The government shouldn’t be able to deny a licensed conceal-carry holder their right to provide for their own protection if the government is not willing to"

But don't worry, there is an upside for security vendors, "Guns can be banned as long as local governments pay for protections like metal detectors and security guards, ensuring the safety of those they have disarmed."

Not surprisingly, while many people in Kansas are happy, quite a few are very concerned about having to choose between legal guns in public buildings or having to find the funds to implement more security.