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Guess The Details Of This Surveillance Project

This story from the Salt Lake Tribune talks about a network of surveillance cameras popping up in these small polygamous towns on the Utah/Arizona border.

In one town there are about 29 cameras on both public and private buildings, some of them being watched live, from a mobile command center. The cameras are said to have both lpr and facial recognition capability.

It's not clear if the cameras are controlled by the town or by the polygamous sect.

Now, before I go being nosey and requesting contracts and other documents from Hilldale and Colorado City, I wanted to know if anyone had any guesses on what type of camera and VMS the system uses, and who the integrator was.

Here's an example of one camera:

And here's a map of the others with embed pictures of the cameras.


These two 'twin' communities of Hilldale, Utah and Colorado City, Arizona are virtually owned by the FLDS - inlcuding almost all of their elected positions.

The two cities have received yearly federal CDBGs and other community development grants, received Arizona's 3rd largest FEMA fire department grants in 2005, and the Colorado City Fire Chief was indicted in 2011 for (and 2 months ago pled guilty to) misusing public funds.

The State of Utah appointed a CPA from Salt Lake City to take over the holdings of the town, where there may be up to $7M in funds that have gone 'missing'.

Good luck finding anything out... I imagine that the normal avenues of inquiry will likely prove fruitless. :)

Also, Jake Barlow was the Colorado City, Arizona Fire Chief who just pled guilty to 2 counts of misuse of public funds.

Kevin Barlow was the name of the guy who kept the books for Colorado City's federally-funded airport (though they don't even have bus service to towns 20 miles away). Feds gave them $3M over a few years for that one...

Hard to tell familial relationships in towns like this as they all seem to share maybe 4 different last names amongst all of them.. :)