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Guard Tour Systems Compliment Video Surveillance?

Guard tour systems - can they compliment video security?

Ramy, when you say, 'guard tour systems', do you mean a system that tracks where the guard is walking on site or a system that allows guard to remotely monitor a site?

Hi John, I'm talking about a system that tracks where the guard is walking on a site. We often get clients that request such systems when deploying CCTV systems.

When you say 'compliment', what do you mean? Integate the two? As in send an event from the guard system when a guard checks in or?

In my experience, "guard tour system" are a polite way of ensuring "guards aren't napping". I understand there are somewhat broader, more noble applications for these systems, but let's not mince words describing why they are commonly used. :)

In many cases, an access control system can be used as a guard tour system. The guard scans a card at a reader at an appointed time/interval to log presence. A report on that specific card number shows guard activity during a time period.

Can these systems complement each other? In the normal ways that video compliments access control, yes. It can help verify the guard indeed is the person scanning a card or fob, rather than someone else. Beyond that, I'm not sure it's a compliment, only because of the very specific purpose behind installing a guard tour system.