Adding Cameras To The Camera Calculator

How do we get newer camera models added to the list of available cameras?

What specifically do you want to add?

We need the brand new H4A Avigilon models, and it's needed to correct Avigilon HD Pro cameras sensor size. Focal length not corresponding to real cameras. HD Pro are APS-C & Full Frame cameras.


The H4s will be added this week. We have the full model list and specs and are entering them in. I will update this post when done.

The HD Pro 6K and 7K sensor size has been updated to 35mm (was incorrectly at 1/3").

In terms of calculating HD 6K or 7K, (1) select 35mm from dropdown, then (2) select the 6K or 7K from camera list. Currently, we do not factor in the sensor size when selecting a camera without a built in lens. This is a known deficiency and is on our list of improvements. This week, we are finalizing the new site design and plan to roll out the sensor size factor next wek.

The Avigilon H4s are now added both to the Calculator and Camera Finder. Here is the list of 74 Avigilon H4s. Thanks for the request Jordi!

Any chance of adding the Digital Watchdog Star-Light AHD Cameras?

John, ok I see the specs are available here. I've put them in queue to be added. I will update here when finished.

John Palmer, the DW Star-Light AHD cameras are now in the Calculator. Thanks for the request!