Google Launches Free And Unlimited Cloud Storage For Video

Free and unlimited storage of photos up to 16MP and videos up to 1080p. Still looking for the fine print on this one, but so far, no surveillance video exclusion.

Which is good because as a group, we can take some really, really long videos, eh?

Right now I'm cloud blasting an 8 channel export of a week of 'home movies' from my VMS for no good reason. You should too!

Check it out:

So if you are the CEO of Eagle-Eye, who charges $23/per month for 1080p storage, and you wake up and read this, are you

  1. happy
  2. suicidal
  3. indifferent
  4. cycle continuously between 1,2 and 3

Surveillance vido is sensitive and personal, so even the google cloud is open, I think only fews of public places's video can be uploaded into google cloud such as station, street, park and so on.

Business and goverment usage is dangerous

Most houses and small businesses don't have the upstream capacity to make the cloud a practical alternative to an on-site NVR. Bandwidth trends in the US, and most other places, also aren't heading towards making this practical any time soon.

What this *would* be good for, IMO, is an integration with a VMS so you can do an auto export/upload for analytic events/motion events. This would give you an option to move the most potentially interesting and valuable video offsite automatically.

Please advice full D1 Analog 16 Channel Mirring or External backup Solutions

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