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Google Glass Privacy App Spots Security Cameras

Is anyone able to shed light on what the OSMCamera database is and why seemingly private commercial cameras would be reporting to it?

GitHub - khris78/osmcamera: Source code for

If you click the map link, it brings locations of cameras all over the world. Some look like they might be weather or public view cameras but many look like they are installed in private sites.

This article shows how someone created an app to link OSMCamera to Google Glass to reveal these locations when walking around.

Are the cameras being picked up because of some specific protocol being used or all using a certain VMS or...???

I just read that article over the weekend. Here's a view of it from the glasses:

I was going to make a joke and say "Why doesn't it show where other Google Glass users are since it's so worried about privacy?" but then it did. So ok, good job.

My main question is how they estimate the fields of view of these things. That part seems really silly. Showing the location, sure. Interesting use of augmented reality. But also not real hard to spot with, you know, your eyes.