Good Or Bad Cabling Job?

A member sent this picture with the question "Is this a good or bad cable install?"

Specifically, the exposed end of the conduit, and the exposed cable and connector behind the corner mount is the area of interest.

Is having the cable exposed like this okay/acceptable? If not, how do you recommend avoiding it/fixing it?

Clearly bad. Conduit should never just end without some sort of box or connector to keep both weather and insects from entering the conduit and subsequently the building. Obviously that keystone isn't made for outdoors and will be a reason to roll a truck sooner than later. Doesn't Arecont make back boxes for that wall mount?

Looks pretty sloppy.

Is it outdoors though? It looks like an exterior wall, but hard to tell from the angle since there appears to be a rolling door or drop ceiling tiles in the background.

Also, is it really two stacked multi-imager panoramics? That seems an unusual combination, maybe near and far of a parking lot?

In fairness, I believe this install is inside a large building and this particular set of cameras/cables aren't exposed to outdoor environments.

I don't know if I'd call it "bad"... maybe just sloppy (assuming it's indoor and thus not exposed to the elements). I would have opted to just run the cable inside the camera and terminated directly with an RJ45 plug.

I'm assuming here that stubbing the conduit directly into the camera or a housing behind it isn't an option... perhaps the conduit and bracket were provided by the site and the installer's job was only to mount and connect the camera.

I disagree, inside or out it should be properly cabled. Its a second class job indeed. The RJ-45 connections and the cable should never be exposed to the elements (if they are), never mind disguised behind the mount. That is no excuse. It wont last outside it will turn black, corrode, and quit working in a few months if not sooner. Is this your work? If it is I am truly confused because you can afford that specific camera (which is not generally considered to be cheap) but cannot afford $15 bucks worth of electrical box and connectors?

Second class work makes the whole industry look bad, I hate it.

Is this your work?

Nah, I pretty much make it a rule to use multiple bolts, often in a symmetrical layout ;)

Well, the bottom mount is lag bolted into a grout line, so the top one is likely better anchored anyway...

It looks like its in a warehouse ornparking garage based on the reflection... however still not acceptable...just jump up or use something to yank on and disconnect the cable

I would not accept this from a installer in an outside environment. Inside not exposed to the elements AND if those wires were not visible other than right underneath I would be unhappy, but would take it and just tell them next time make it clean.

I think it would be best to have the conduit feed directly into a weathertite junction box mounted to the corner mount, or if you were to not use the junction box, at least feed the cabling into the cameras wall mount arm and then seal the back of the mount and conduit ends. Bees love to get into those openings. Lots of fun coming back a year or two later to work on the camera and getting stung by bees while 20 feet up on a ladder.

Also using direct burial STP cable if the camera is outside and the cabling is exposed.

Also some cameras have weathertite caps that go over the RJ45 connection. Using those with some silicone dielectric grease on connections helps with the oxidation on the connections.

That corner mount definitely needs more fasteners.

I would install like this, the connection will out live the camera :)

Back boxes are your friend USE THEM :)