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Problem With Hikvision Video On Phone

good day guys I have install a hikvion IP cameras to one of my client and have link it to the phone and tablet but he is not having the image on real time the image seems to be heavy. what can I do to give him the image on real time?

What do you mean by heavy? Is there a big delay in displaying the video? Is the video quality poor?

What type of bandwidth / connection does the camera have out to the Internet? What type of bandwidth / connection does the phone have to the Internet? Those are typically the two main drivers of video performance to a phone.

yes there is a big delay on displaying de video. how can I find out about the bandwidth my cameras have out to the internet and my phone to the internet ? I am not to good on network and I am new in the industry.

So the video quality is good but the delay in displaying the video is bad?

First, let's focus on the delay in display. From when you open the page or app to when video is displayed, how long is that (in seconds)?


Even with the fastest internet speeds on both ends, or even with a local wifi connection on the same network, you will see some latency or delay in the video feeds. That isn't just with Hikvision products. That will likely happen with just about every system. You should expect around a second or two delay with a local wifi connection and more than that with a slower internet based connection.

You should check to see what the available upload speed is at the camera location, as well as the download speed on the phone/tablet. Depending on how many cameras he views at one time, and the resolution of these feeds, you may need to increase the speed of Internet at either end.

For getting the actual reads on bandwidth usage, just fire up windows task manager (networking tab) to monitor the router traffic (before and after you add the camera into network). Or get a IP camera tester that can display such network status. Typical 720P camera will need 1-2mbs uplink speed to stream well and 2-4mbs for 1080p ones.

For IP cameras, reasonable delay (latency) is expected. Suggest to go with Hikvision's HDTVI product line cameras where latency is almost non-existent.

"Suggest to go with Hikvision's HDTVI product line cameras where latency is almost non-existent."

This is wrongly applied. Komdjeu is asking about remote viewing from his phone. TVI will need to be digitized / transmitted over IP, just like an IP camera, so latency will certainly be 'existent' and very similar to IP.

The potential latency benefits of TVI are for live viewing on the recorder itself only.

HDTVI doesn't apply here at all because he is using IP cams. But, even if he was using an HDTVI DVR, he would still see that same latency using a remote view, be it a phone, tablet, or PC.

Ensure that the stream that you are viewing on your phone is set to fluent.

Other options are clear (primary stream) balanced, or customised.

Just for those who don't know, Clear, fluent, balanced, and customized are the options the Hikvision mobile app gives users for viewing. We haven't tested them so we can't be too detailed, but anecdotally they adjust compression and framerate in the following ways:

  • Fluent: Framerate priority, though quality may decrease/compression may increase.
  • Clear: Tries to maintain better quality/lower compression, though at the expense of framerate.
  • Balanced: Aims somewhere in the middle of the above two options.
  • Custom: Allows you to explicitly select which stream, resolution, bitrate, and framerate to use. If you know what you're doing and what sort of bandwidth limitations you have, this may work best.

If seeing things in realtime is more important than seeing very detailed images, I'd use fluent and let it automatically adjust.


Your description of clear, fluent, balanced is probably the only informed answer to be found on the internet. And I've searched for years . . .

I also don't think anyone at Hikvision actually knows this -- or is allowed to tell others.

Thank you.

Upload speed at the recorder location is the mot likely cause of severely delayed remote video display. Rarely is download speed (at viewing location) the cause of this issue.

There are many browser based speed testers that display exactly what your upload and download speeds are at any given location. From any PC at the recorder location, go to and test your upload speed.

Thanks to all I really apreciate all of your comment. in my LAN, I view all of my cameras with no delay it happen only when I get out of my LAN. out of my LAN, it has been very difficult for me to access my cameras in a PC. yes on my tablet, phone I use fuent to view but still there is a 5 to 10 secons delay. the reason I am very concern about this is because I have another contract coming on and my client would like that I should intall another control room out of the site. I taught I could use that option to give the signal to my client but with such delay on the PC I kind of worry of what to do. guys if there is a better sugestion please help

Komdjeu- what region are you in? Have you contacted Hikvision Technical Support?

How much bandwidth is available?

Bob (Hikvision USA)