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Goji Smart Lock - Wave Of The Future?

I'm impressed with this but also hesitant...

Goji Access

Brian, is this like Lockitron with a built in camera?

There is more to Goji than Lockitron, primarily:

  • Hardware Replacement: Goji is an entirely new deadbolt, where Lockitron is a retrofit product that relies on existing deadbolts.
  • Keying System: Goji uses it's own mechanical key. I've asked if this is a commonly available blank profile or if it is unique to Goji.
  • LED interface: Goji gives feedback through the face of the lock, via a small screen. Lockitron does not do this.
  • "Goji Locksmith Network": Lockitron is strictly a DIY product, whereas Goji is also promoting channel sales through locksmiths.
  • Price: Goji is more expensive than Lockitron. Goji sells for ~$250, while Lockitron sells for ~$180.

Goji's camera add is cool, but detailed tech specs on it are sketchy. I have a hunch it isn't the best WDR and low light performer, so it could useful on some doors and worthless on others depending on the light situation.

Incidentally, neither product is shipping, and despite both having successful fundraising campaigns, there is no widespread distribution yet.

Thanks, good to know, btw, they raised $313,000 on indiegogo.

wow thats really interesting information. Thanks!


I wonder if we could get the spokes-dude to say that the Goji Lock comes with "Fine Corintian Leather".