Subscriber Discussion

Gift Subscriptions?

The monthly gift subscription option seems a good deal, are there any restrictions on their use? i.e. one-month only etc?

You can purchase as many as you want, choosing either one month ($20) or one year ($199) for the recipient. Overview here: Get 20% Bonus, Gift IPVM Membership

let me know if you have any other questions.

Thanks. So, gifting yourself is an option? :-)

No :)

Since were all smiles here :), I hope you won't mind me rising to a point of information.

Namely since self-giftification is frowned upon, down does that apply to reciprocating gift arrangements between two (or more) friends?

Such an arrangement, even though month to month, when discouting is considered would yield an effective annualized rate of less than even the yearly $199 rate. As I am under the quarterly plan which annulizes out at $396, I feel that such an option, if legal, undervalues my quarterly commitment. Jk ;)

Rukmini, all quarterly plan subscribers have an option to upgrade to a full year for just $100 more (i.e., $99 for 3 months + $100 for the next 9 = the same price as the regular yearly plan).

We email this offer 2 weeks before the next billing of a quarterly subscriber (introduced just recently). If you want to continue to be a member beyond 3 months, I strongly encourage you to take advantage of that, as it will save you $197 vs ongoing quarterly payments.

John, that is an option I'll be sure to exercise when offered, and considering the time-value of money, one that my frugality embraces. Certainly eaisier than finding a gift-buddy. ;)

Ok, that's what I figured, no financial incentive to buy a yearly plan as long as you convert your quarterly plan at the right moment, or find a buddy.

And yes John though its obvious that I am a yearly subscriber I am going to remain anonymous and just suck it up unless of course you figure can tell who I am becasue I'm the only annual.

I'll be your gift-buddy;)