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Get OFF Our Property

I have a client that has been targeted several times in the middle of the night. The perimeter fence is cut or the lock on the gate is cut.

I would like like to design an ip video system that meets the following:

  • camera motion detection or cross line detection picks up movement
  • a loud speaker is triggered with a recorded message or siren/strobes are triggered
  • a variation of this would be an alert is sent to a users iPhone and they can trigger the loud speaker or siren/strobe themselves
  • the motion or cross line detection is after hours only
  • non monitored by a monitoring station
  • potential to capture a face or license plate at choke points

The client has a budget of 40k so we are not looking for thermal. Lighting at the property is great.

What would you design?

Not long ago, IPVM did a comparison of Axis vs Mobotix advanced motion detection:

Relevant live surveillance footage addressing these issues is not that easy to come by, but here's some imagery showing the effects of audio deterrence:

...and apprehension when deterrence fails:

In case you see this and say, "I want THAT!" you might also want to read a few more manufacturer details:

(software layout)

proprietary video format or mjpeg, no h.264

What are the dimensions of the area you're looking to cover?

And, I assume 40K is USD?

The client would be better off with a security guard. It would cost significatly less than 40K, too.

Perimeter fence is 500' x 500' x 500' x 500'. 2 sliding gates (manual). The client doesn't necessarily need detection right at the fence. There are high value areas such as storage sea cans or vehicles that can have coverage instead.

40K USD budget.

This is essentially our (VideoIQ) mainline business. Outdoor perimeter protection. Even assuming some costs for installation and other miscellaneous items you'd be WAY below $40K for what sounds like a basic 4 camera system.

FLIR has a package of 4 FC series thermal cameras and our Rialto I4 appliance that is less than 1/2 your budget. You could do it with 4 of our 1080p cameras as well. I normally recommend a max camera to target distance of ~400ft for optical cameras, just because lighting at night can be an issue, but if you have good lighting, a 500' range is not out of the question.

Using our mobile app and cloud platform (currently free, will be subscription based early next year) they can get alerts and video clips pushed to a mobile device, see live video, and do an audio talk-down.

I personally would not recommend any sort of "motion detection" for an outdoor environment with those ranges. Not trying to be biased, if you were looking for "choke point" coverage only I'd probably say that solution could be "good enough", but it'll be nothing but a headache in this case.

Let me know if you'd like more info or a demo unit.