Get A Loan Of $300,000 In Only 5 Minutes, But Only If You Buy Chinese!

This story is 10 months old, but I haven't heard about before.

With all the buying from China I was wondering if anyone had tried to get this alibaba loan.

Alibaba is trying a new way to convince US businesses to buy more from Chinese manufacturers. China’s giant online marketplace is partnering with Lending Club, a San Francisco-based company that matches up borrowers and lenders, to enable small businesses to apply for a credit line of up to $300,000 “in under five minutes” to make a payment to a vendor using Alibaba’s e-commerce platform. The credit lines are only good “when purchasing goods from China-based suppliers on,” the company said in a statement.

On Alibaba, that's like 15,000 cameras... You could do all of NYC with one Alibaba loan :)

However, on Alibaba's site, the closest info I could find was their 'e-credit line' which is with Lending Club but for a max of $5,000.

$5,000 is the minimum.

Good eye!