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Geovision Geo-H264 V2 Codec Needed

Hi, i have an expoterd clip from a fight outside a restaurant of a customer. He uses an old Geovision GV1480 system. I could find that the clip is exported using the GEO-H264 V2 CODEC.

So far, i hvn't been able to find and install this codec so that i can view the clip on my laptop. The customer handed over the clip to the police but they weren't able to 'read' it either.

Can someone point me to the right CODEC or a player that can handle this? Many thanks!!

Have you tried Handbrake ?

Just installed it but it doesn't seem to recognise the file. It doesn't scan it.

In VLC player it shows upside down. Only the first image. The time bar advances but the video is stuck on the first image

Issue resolved.

Just in case anyone needs to do this in the future:

I downloaded RemoteViewlog from the Geovision website (under support-downloads-Video management software-GV-VMS)

In the viewlog software is an icon with a piece of paper and a magnifying glass. Click on this and go to Reload Database and navigate to the avi file.

You can then re-export the clip through the AVI icon. On the settings tab of the pop up you can select the WMV9 codec instead of the deafult Geovision codec.

This exported clip can be opened in standard Windows Media Player

4 Years later, and this came in Handy. Thank you Gert!