Genetec Specialist Wanted For Contract Position In ATL

I thought this job posting was interesting. A contract placement agency is looking for someone with Genetec Security Center for a 15 month job in the Atlanta area.

From the job posting:

CTG has an immediate need for a Physical Security Architect. This is a 15-month contract assignment for our Fortune 50 client in Atlanta, GA. Local candidates are preferred but travelers will be accepted. Travel expenses will be reimbursed. You would be paid on a W-2 basis.

Project Duration: 15 months

Project Location: Atlanta, GA

Required Skills:

1. Experience with Genetec Security Center

2. Ability to facilitate workshops for customizing Security Center based

on customer’s needs

3. Understanding of video surveillance storage impact for camera surveillance

4. Understanding of video protocols, video codecs and compression, and video

file containers

Job Duties:

The focus of this position will be VMS and installation, Camera Surveillance, and Access Control

Is this a sign of trend to more DIY installs and physical security installs being viewed more like IT-style installs?

Would this really be cheaper than just hiring a local Genetec integrator to do the same work?

Depending on the vertical, this isn't too uncommon in the world of large Enterprise sized systems. Equipment and software is purchased through a company that is focused on moving boxes, but doesnt have services. The end user has staff trained and certified to support the system, but for a large project, needs temporary additional labor force to get the project completed. From there, they can hire a lower cost staff member who is trained and certified in supporting the now running system, but doesnt need the entire range of knowledge that is required to get the system up and running. This is common in the Casino/gaming market from what I've heard.

Fortune 50 client in Atlanta, GA.

AKA, Home Depot or UPS

I know Gentec offers end user courses/certification; but do they also sell the ongoing software licenses, upgrades and such that would allow an end user to maintain a system on their own if they chose not to continue with the installing Genetec Partner?

Hello Undisclosed 3 Integrator,

Genetec offers End User certification with the goal of enabling highly technical operators to maximize their daily use of the system. Genetec restricts the purchase of software, hardware, add-ons, or upgrades to our channel partners (systems integrators and value added distributors). Although end users can theoretically support systems on their own, we highly recommend they work with a certified Genetec channel partner. If you require additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us at