Genetec CEO: 'Young Engineers' 'Being Groomed To Take My Place'

This is an interesting interview; the specific succession remark is made at ~3:50:

Will Genetec still be independent years from now? Will there be any video surveillance manufacturers not owned by the Chinese government? (j/k hopefully)

Grooming engineers, especially in this industry, is not commonplace. Indeed, the attitude I see from their main rival Milestone is that engineers are a necessary evil. Not that engineering focus is always better, there's risks going too far on that end as well.

Best recruiting positioning to attract young engineers EVER.

Also makes all feel safe for a while that the CEO spot is stable.

Bummer message for current middle/upper management no upside.

It's always about tradeoffs.

Lol, excellent points!

Poor Genetec sales people - second class citizens unless they are also developers ;)

Wow, for a second there around 2:44, I thought he was going to give Milestone a compliment, but:

"It sad to see, because it looks like a step sideways, But Ultimately, they are the Masters of... their own Destiny..."

Who is the particularly nasty 'North American' Troll that Milestone was in a hurry to settle with?

Milestone settled with JDS in January 2014 (see motion to withdraw here). We originally covered this lawsuit but we did not do a follow-up. I am not sure if this is what Genetec's CEO is referring to but was interesting to see it was settled.

Also, JDS is now suing Avigilon (complaint) and Exacq (see complaint); no US suit against Genetec. Just scanning through court records.

Those cases are the reasons I turn down case studies of large and small clients.

Do you think there is one pseudo engineer in suite ?? answering calls about Softsite.