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Gate Controller With Exacqvision

I am looking for a gate controller that will integrate well with ExacqVision. preferablly with a camera that will show up on VMS. Anyone have good experience with this?

Jesse, from someone who has direct experience on Exacq projects like this, their recommendation was:

"I would recommend using any camera that has an I/O on it. Then you could just use the output as a dry contact to open and close the gate. I have done this with Axis and it worked pretty well."

I have done the same with exacq and an Axis Camera. It really works well and also works with their mobile app, just pull up the camera, open and close the gate. If you don't want the camera at the gate, or the camera is too far away to wire a dry contact to, then the Axis I/O module works well too, you just need an Cam license from exacq but it will work, just ensure you gate controler has an input to tie a relay into.

We've done this before also with Exacq using camera outputs. You can create a soft button at the top of the client software and just click it to open the gate or even do it from a phone or tablet.

You should probably define what you want the "integration" to do. Integration means a lot of different things to different people.

Do you plan to have a video intercom at the gate? Is this in the design stage, or do you have an existing motorized gate that you simply want to add control to?

Thank you all! right now there is an existing keypad, I think we will go with adding a camera by the keypad and using the contact.