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G4S Technology / Adesta Experience

Question to the forum, Has anyone heard of G4S Technology and what experiences have been, if any?


Joel Kriener

They were formerly Adesta and seem to specialize in larger projects such as airports, seaports, energy and rail transportation. Near my location, they recently completed upgrading the video and access control systems at Tampa International Airport. They also have other divisions such as security and investigation services (they bought Wackenhut) and telecommunications. I'm not sure if they represent any specific brands, but at TIA I believe they used Genetec for video and Software House for access control.

they own Amag!

G4S is more than just integration. They have a huge footprint in guard services. The conglomerate won the low-bid for security services at the 2012 games in London, but that project didn't execute as smoothly as they hoped.