Future Sentry - Who's Using It?

We were having a discussion about a crazy ad and, wouldn't you know, Future Sentry got referenced.

If you are not familiar with them, they bill themselves as 'the future of crime prevention' and a few years ago had a marketing / PR campaign. Since then, and until today, I had not seen anyone mention them.

From reviewing their data sheet and management team page, it looks like an integrator has custom fabricated off the shelf components into a kit, wrapped it with an outrageous marketing claim.

Is anyone using this or have any experiences to share?

John, I've specified Future Sentry before and it's a pretty neat product if used for what is designed for and not as a miracle deterrent. It's designed to emulate a guard at the controls (Impression of Control, not guarantee of control). One of the questions was if it works during the day, which is a good one. If the temp outside is close to the temp of the human or animal it will have problems detecting. I pretty much ignore the marketing and see if it fits a certain application.

Thanks, Craig, good feedback!

btw, it is marketed as a miracle deterrent! :)