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Funniest Spam Of 2015 (So Far)

Nice day, dear friend-:)

Hope this email find you well-:)

This is Lydia , a lively girl from China VG HK High Tech Ltd, manufacturer of CCTV products for 8 years.

After saw your website, I thought you might be interested in our product as below showed,
would you like to get some samples for testing , my friend ?
we still have many other models, i can send you our more information if it's okay for you, dear friend -:)

I'm here waiting for your reply-:) Best regards, Sincerely, Lydia VG HK HIGH TECH LIMITED VG (Shenzhen) High Tech

(contact information and product images removed)

I've gotten quite a few similar approaches and offers through Linked In.

I mostly wonder how they choose their English names.

Lydia? Why Lydia??

LOL. All I can think of is the old Marx Brothers song:

A well done to Lydia, seller of purple (prose). This kind of coverage among a few thousand video manufacturers, dealers, installers, and dilletantes, simply can't be bought!

Lydia's brother David is apparently in the sales game, too. This just in my inbox:

Dear Sir,

Nice day, glad to know your company from plastic product market.
Do you need plastic accessories or injection mold?

I'm David from Dongguan Yongsheng Hardware Plastics Co.,Ltd, hope the e-mail doesn't disturb you and help you in business.
We're an injection molding company, established in 1993, manufacture injection mold, plastic containers, plastic housings, plastic
accessories. Our products are involved in industries of home appliance, medical device, vehicles, daily supplies etc.

All products follow with international standard of ISO 9001:2008, customers are distributors, wholesalers, importers, traders from
Brazil, Germany, USA, UK, Italy etc 20 coutries, and keep stable business relationship with us.

Hope to find a way to cooperate with you.
Thanks for your time.

David CHEN