FST21 VP Of Sales & Marketing Exits

FST21 has, bizarrely, received many awards and hype as one of the next big things in physical security.

Unfortunately, it has been obvious from the beginning that this was a sci-fi mish mash of buzzwords and analytics - combining face rec, voice rec, and 'emotion detection' to somehow be the world's most expensive and frustrating building entrance system, as shown in our reporting of their NYC flagship deployment.

Now, their VP of Sales and Marketing Daniel Peled has left. This comes a few months after their Director of US Sales Mark Ingram exited.

These moves are a bad sign for the company. At best for them, it means delays in closing the long cycle deals typical for this type of technology. More likely, it points to failure for the company to meet its growth expectations.

FST21 did receive $5 million USD investment just a year before this. However, for an early stage company, that will not last long.