Free WiFi CCTV Solar Powered Street Lights

Check this Pakistan news report.

Anyone have any thoughts on the overall concept?

Seems technically read hard and expensive, even leaving aside the whole 'free' element.


Sindh government on Saturday signed memorandums of understanding for installing solar street lights, CCTV cameras as well as “free” WiFi facilities in 2015, as part of the Karachi Smart City project.

“The free Wi-Fi and CCTV camera will be installed on every street. Police and law enforcement agencies can also benefit from this modern CCTV system to track the criminals,” he said.

“After this MoU we will work on solar energy in order to minimise the energy crises.”

Money quote:

"The terrorism, street crime, kidnapping for ransom, extortion and other kind of criminals activities have now come to an end with the ongoing operation carried by police and Rangers in the city.”

Perhaps they got the criminals to sign the MoU. Impressive.

It's unquestionably thinking outside the box and maybe it is a covert operation to get data from WI-FI connected devices with pictures? Who is Rick David an investor?

I saw the 'Rick David' reference as well in the article, google'd it and checked on LinkedIn but could not find any match.

In a couple of other similar reports they are listed as Rick David and Company:

Among others, the US-based Rick David and Company has also shown interest in investing in the project of installing CCTV cameras and Wi-Fi for the common people in the metropolis.

This one has Rick David as a signer

The agreement carries the signature of Shaikh Ahmed Al Makhtoom of Dubai, China’s Joshuwaboda and U.S’ mart technology investment company Rick David and Minister Information and Local Bodies Sindh Sharjeel Memon,

Here's the signing:

Pick Rick!

Probably not related to Home Builder Website Builder:

Rick David and Company