Free IPVM All Access This Wednesday And Thursday

IPVM will be free and open to the public on March 18th and 19th, which would have been the Wednesday and Thursday of the now-canceled ISC West week.

Our objective of this first-ever offering is to give the broader security community the opportunity to read and learn from our world-leading testing, tutorials, reports, and statistics.

We have had 3,000,000+ million visits in the past 12 months:

That is far more than double of 5 years ago, culminating IPVM's remarkable ascension to the world's leading video surveillance resource in the past decade. And we want even more people to benefit from IPVM's offerings.

Here are some of our most popular reports that you may want to share or read. On the testing side:

From our statistics side:

From our business and political reporting:

By opening IPVM to the pubic for two days, we want more people to discover the value of IPVM and join our community as full members. Ultimately, having more members allows the IPVM team to deliver even more value to you.

Any questions or comments, let us know.

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