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Free H.265 HEVC Cloud Transcoding is offering free H.265 HEVC cloud transcoding. Ok, its limited to only 1GB per month but, its near real time and there are plans that handle up to 500 concurrent input streams and at multi-terabyte levels. They will also host the video and deliver via akamai and others in the most efficient and optimized way possible.

I'm not sure it has a ready application in security even if was a free TB per month, because the latency is still too much for live, but maybe if part of a value added video services component, i.e., archiving, time-lapse, analytics it would have benefit. Pie in the sky or sauce in the sky?

You would think that the way its being commoditized like this, that camera supported HEVC en masse is just around the corner...

It's an interesting application. Certainly doesn't make sense for bulk storage but I can definitely see a place for it with incident/event based cloud pushes and transcoding more efficiently to viewers of those events on-demand. It's essentially trading bandwidth savings achieved to a multitude of viewers for the necessary additional processing horsepower needed in a backbone data center somewhere (aka "The Cloud"). Since that's also typically an on-demand model you only pay based on the volume needed it would make sense for that type of application.