Frankenstien Wireless Assembly Question

While working on a wireless ip camera set up, I used an IP cam to an IBR 6000 cradlepoint, and had wifi access to it from the iphone and ipad.. would it be possible to get a residential router to sniff out the cradlepoint for wireless viewing online and on the wifi of the regular router ?? thanks for any suggestions.

You could also forgo internet access through the Cradlepoint, and run internet connectivity through the regular router with Dynamic DNS.

Thanks Hal, if I go into the netgear web portal, I would see it will sniff out my ibr? and I can maybe let it assign it a dns? to the ibr? something like that?

Do you mean you have a residential router with Internet access and you want that router to connect to the wifi of the IBR600 so that you can route the camera stream through the residential router for remote viewing over the Internet?

Does the IBR600 not have it's own Internet connectivity?

If I had a verizon data account, the ibr would have 3g or maybe LTE I think.- however for the interim, it also has wifi- and I was able to stream video that way. I am just tinkering, to creatively explore bridging and access point configurations. I have a number of hardware (cameras, routers, lithium batteries etc.. including some tiny 5V zyxel router type devices.. so in summary and in theory, I think the IBR wifi transceiver should be able to communicate with my desktop router...and be viewable within the lan, and also via internet.. Further, I am thinking I should be able to use a mini dlink switch to the IBR, with multiple IP cameras.. and yet even further, I should be able to use my second ibr 6000, and zyxel router thingys, to have point to multipoint.. thanks for your time.

Is the sole purpose of the IBR to provide connectivity to the camera? Like because it's difficult to run a cable?

NOTE: You appear not to be using a carrier dataplan, however LTE/4G data plans dole out private IP addresses to phones, and hotspots, and these IP address NAT through a Gateway.
For instance my phone IP 100.x.x.x but it leaves Verizon on 70.198.x.x
The kills the notion of PORT FORWARDS on cradle points to get access to cameras. (true IP4 static IP's have cost from most carriers)

Many Wifi Access Points have several modes.
AP - These serve as nodes allowing clients to connect
BRIDGE - This connects to a WIFI LAN and passes all traffic to an ethernet Port on the DEVICE

Yes, I made a wireless 12v battery operated assembly powering an ibr and an ipc, and it works for streaming via wifi just fine, (except the range..) but I'd like to connect it to my lan, rather than to my ios devices. the question is "shouldn't that be possible"?

You can do what you want, you configure the IBR600 in "bridge mode", where it connects to your premise Wifi LAN and basically acts as the reverse of a Wifi access point. Instead of taking a wired network and creating a wireless component, it connects to an existing wifi network and then bridges that to the Ethernet/LAN side.

FWIW, you could do this a lot cheaper with a simple wireless bridge, but if you have the IBR600 already it should work just fine.

Brian, thanks, I know it sounds a little upside down- but the fact is I do have several IBR 6000's, and I guess it would be a goal to have experience configuring them all the ways it could be done.

I'll see how far I can get- thanks again. RR would be a goal to have experience configuring them all the ways it could be done.

And a noble goal at that. Good luck!