Former US Presidential Candidate Becomes BRS Executive - Now Gone

Former US Presidential candidate and security industry veteran Keith Drummond has taken the Executive VP Sales position at BRS Labs.

While his bid to be POTUS proved unsuccessful, his professional achievements include former Chief Executive spots at Houston-area LenSec and IronSky Security.

Damn, Mitt Romney could have done great selling pre-crime...

See this is backwards. He should have worked for BRS then run for president. He could talk all about his experience predicting crime and terrorism and surely he'd win.

2016 baby!

Drummond has left BRS Labs, after a little more than a year, to take over sales for Korean manufacturer IDIS in the US.

The sales team at BRS Labs is quite the revolving door.

I worked for Keith for a few years back at LenSec. If he's moving to IDIS, they may be worth a closer look! Keith is definately "Good People".

That's one perspective.

IronSky seems to have evaporated. LenSec hasn't exactly been wildly successful. BRS Labs has also failed to live up to a fraction of their hype.

Keith may be "Good People", but so far his track record for picking companies wouldn't encourage me to take a closer look at IDIS.