For Runs That Will Require Metal Conduit To Be Installed The Entire Way, What Do You Roughly Charge?

I have my standard pricing down pat. $125 per run + $125 per camera to install. Of course there are changs based on length and difficulty.

For runs that will require metal conduit to be installed the entire way, what do you roughly charge?


I've been told $5 per foot private sector and $10 per foot for government work.

It all depends on the mounting surface. Mounting over drywall or wood is much faster than over brick, stucco, or cement. Having to hammer drill all of your conduit straps and inserting an anchor vs driving a screw makes a huge difference in time and a small difference in materials as well.

If it's a lot of conduit (1,000 feet or more) you might consider having an electrician bid it to you. As noted, there are several factors such as height, wall, ceiling, existing uni strut, firewalls (that rated caulking is expensive), coring ..... they have all the tools and specifically can do bends faster, off-sets to boxes better. I didn't drill anchors into concrete or brick, I used ramset studs.

In my time as an integrator, the cost and variability of conduit runs warranted using a "sticks 'n bricks" itemized estimating method, meaning we estimated actual cost for each run and not a general 'per foot' metric.

Like others have mentioned, the run itself can present several obstacles or changes that could really throw a flat number off.

The conduit itself plays a key role in cost. Threaded rigid conduit is a totally different animal to work with than EMT, and cost per stick is significantly different, yet some use 'conduit' to describe either. (That's a problem. See: Conduit for Surveillance Explained)

With that said, the salesmen used $15/foot installed as a 'thumbnail' value. Although this number typically changed once estimators and engineers got involved.

We don't bid conduit based on a per foot amount. If it is within our abilities I will charge based upon the amount of materials, equipment and labor I estimate it will take.