Flir Getting In The Drone Business?

I got an email on this a few weeks back, takes drones to a whole new level...

Thanks for the advertising Michael. FLIR does not sell a drone, but our division that sells imagers has developed a very useful tool for commercial drone operators. It's a natural fit for commercial uses. As a FLIR employee and shareholder this is a great opportunity.

Greg. I have built and flown multible quads (I don't like to call them drones) just haven't had the time to in a while. What is the price point on these new Flir imagers?

Here is the datasheet for the FLIR Vue Pro camera / recorder.

Here is a video for the FLIR Vue, which appears to be an earlier version:

Looks like the "Go PRO" for thermal cameras.

Too bad this wont mount to any of DJI's new quads. This would have been cool for hog hunting...

I just saw a INSPIRE 1 with this thermal camera mounted on the gimbal.

Is there a real-time wireless digital feed available? Maybe the micro-sd card slot is accessible and can be hooked to an eye-fi?

MAVLink Integration & Camera Control

In addition to being MAVLink compatible, the same Accessory Port connection gives you access to two camera controls over PWM commands, so you can select color palettes, start and stop recording, or trigger the camera's e-zoom in-flight from your radio controller.

"Simple power-in/video-out interface over 10-pin mini-USB connector"

Looks like it has a analog output which you can feed in to a FPV setup or maybe the DJI Lightbridge setup.

I've only used wifi go-pros, is the analog over rf quality as good?

Normally the way it works is you record the HD stream locally in the camera and stream the analog output over a wireless link to your FPV setup. The FPV is just used to see where your flying like you would be if your the pilot in a realy aircraft. Depending on your wireless setup you can get miles of range.

The newer DJI quads have HD streaming built right in.

Here you can see a clip of what the FPV video looks like. Not my clip

Have a look

DJI Lightbridge 2 continues the revolution of wireless, real-time full HD streaming

The flight crew here gives that a big A-oK!

I’ve got a phantom 3 pro and the streaming from the 4K camera to the iPad is very smooth and clear. It really would be cool to have a thermal camera on it for night time. With the new waypoints feature I’m going to test running patrols around the blueberry farm.