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Flir DVR Blues

I'm currently testing a Flir Summit D3308 DVR. It is buggy and tech support is being useless.

Anyone has experience with that particular DVR in regards to alarm email notifications? When multiple sensors are being triggered simultaneously (on purpose), the DVR doesn't seem to be able to send multiple email notifications (snapshot of each channel being triggered). I only get one or two out of five triggered channels.

Flir tech support told me they couldn't test it because they don't have the needed equipment to test it. All that is needed to test it is a few wires connected to the sensor terminals and touching #'s 1~5 with G (ground terminal).

I replaced a FLIR for a customer with a Dahua DVR - she's much happier. As far as I could tell, little if anything had changed from the Digimerge I installed on another site some three years earlier (FLIR bought out Digimerge a little while back to give themselves a "consumer presence").

I've tried a Digimerge DVR in the past, and it was completely different than this Flir summit DVR. BTW, the original Digimerge DVR's are still sold via Flir using the same model #'s as before, so I presume they haven't modified anything. Tri-Ed has always sold the Digimerge DVR's as commercial, as far as I know ... and it happened to be their best seller ... at least at my branch.

I was looking for a low cost solution for a client and chose to quote the D33081T.

Are you saying this DVR is buggy in many ways, or just with your alarm/email issue?

Are the typical DVR functions acting properly?



Well, the other bug I've seen is the little squares in the images that are supposed to tell you the type of recording happening. 9 times out of 10, it is telling you it is recording as continuous even though it is recording upon alarm triggering. Solution? Reset all you settings and start from stratch ... only to return later on. I hear Flir bought Lorex, so I presume it is Lorex crap ... for consumers.