Bosch 5000 Panoramic Feedback?

Has anyone used the Bosch 5000 panoramic camera? How would you rate it against other panoramics in performance (image quality)?

Any reason you are looking at Bosch instead of others? Any reason you are looking at the Bosch 5000 vs the Bosch 7000?

That would help us give you feedback.

Because that is what this contractor bid in an RFP. I have not seen this one in operation.

It was just announced in April, so it's new.

The main things are (1) it's a 3MP stream, so don't expect to see details far away from the camera. I also recall it having an ~f/2 lens so it's unlikely to be good in low light, like almost all panoramic cameras without integrated IR.

On the positive side, it's Bosch and it claims to have the same bandwidth reduction features as other modern Bosch cameras have shown.

Btw, one thing to keep in mind, Bosch, like some panoramic manufacturers promote the sensor size of the camera, obscuring the actual streaming resolution. For example, the Bosch 5000 uses a 5MP sensor but only streams out ~3MP; the Bosch 7000 panoramic uses a 12MP sensor but only streams out ~8MP.