First Look - The IPVM Integrator Finder

We have released a beta of our Security Integrator Finder. We are in the process of adding integrators to it.

Take a look at it and let us know what you think.

Right now, it has 59 84 276 665 800 integrators just to give you a feel for the functionality.

Some key points about the Finder:

  • For the 1.0 release, we have decided to just do - (1) name, (2) website and (3) locations. There's lots of other advanced criteria (employee count, lines carried, certifications, project references, etc.) but we want to focus on getting all integrators added first. We'll consider adding in details in 2.0.
  • We anticipate at least 10,000 integrators and are going to try out best to get integrators outside North America as well. We have no idea how many security integrators there are in the world.
  • The Integrator Finder is open to integrators generally. However, IPVM members and IPVM certified individuals will be highlighted to help promote / recognize those participating in IPVM.
  • To start, we are going through thousands of IPVM integrator members and adding them in.
  • If you want in immediately, just fill out this form to be entered into the Integrator Finder.
  • We plan to launch formally a few weeks before ISC West.

Again, take a look at the Beta Integrator Finder and let us know your feedback.

I can't imagine manufacturers wanting to use this list ;)

You know IPVM, anything we can do to help manufacturers... it's practically our moto....

I think it should help most everyone though. Manufacturers find new dealers in their territories. End users identify local integrators. Integrators find other integrators to partner in different areas. And small integrators, especially, to get found.

You just might get Avigilon back as a member along with Todd with that marketing.

This is a great addition to the website... when it displays the website/business name on the thumb tack do you plan on having it list the name of the member or just keep it to the company?

The plan is to just list the website/business name on the thumb tack. There's limited space and I want to make it easier to see those 2 key pieces of information.

On the table below, we do list who is a member and how many certifications they have.

In the future, we may radically expand the number of details saved but for now we are focused on just the basics.

Actually, this could be of big help for me. I frequently need subcontractors outside of our coverage area and it is a huge hassle relying upon web searches and calls to the distributors. I eagerly await the listings of their qualifications being added as well.

I imagine this is a lot of work to compile this data. Thank you very much for this, I see a ton of capability here.

Matt, Gerald, Austin, you are all added.

Other integrators who want to be added immediately, fill out this form.

Looks great!

I know you will be adding more details at a later date, but you may want to consider placing a contact email on the thumb tack for small/new integrators that don't have websites.


I mean this in the most positive way possible, an integrator without a website (even a basic one) in 2015, is going to disqualify themselves from many projects (unless they have a strong warm personal referral). There are plenty of free / low cost website builders out there (Wix, Weebly, even a Tumblr blog or a LinkedIn profile page, just have something) so there is little excuse.

Of course you are correct John, but my area is kind of special in that it is a rural area where everything happens by word of mouth. People here are more likely to call their business colleagues to get referrals for a "local guy" than searching the internet.

Having said that, a website is definitely on my to-do list, but since I added the video aspect to my existing computer service business, I barely have time to do my taxes. ;o)

Do it on Linkedin then - here's how to create a company profile page. It shouldn't take more than 5 or 10 minutes.

This way, if other integrators or end users need help out in your rural area, they can find you.

I am familiar with Linkedin, thank you.

With all do respect John, I think your tone is starting to be a little condescending. I was simply trying to make a suggestion. If I had known it would devolve into a critique of how I run my business, then I would of abstained.

Jerome, in the time you spent going back and forth with me, you could have already created a LinkedIn company profile.

I am sorry, there is no excuses for not having a website / web presence, given the many easy avenues possible in 2015.

It's 2015, any business should have a website. Not just a security integrator...

Wow, I can't believe you won't let this go.

I am also sorry, but there is no excuse for the tone of your comments. I didn't ask for this discussion. You know nothing about my area or my situation, but you are quick to pass judgement.

If you knew more details, I think you would rethink your approach towards me regarding this matter. Things are never as black and white as you like to portray them. You once asked me how you can make IPVM more sensitive to smaller, beginning members, well I think this back and forth is a good starting point on what not to do.

I respect what you are doing with IPVM and whole heartedly believe that it is a great resource, but I think this conversation is incongruous to the qualitative nature of the rest of your work.

To wrap this up.

You asked for:

"Placing a contact email on the thumb tack for small/new integrators that don't have websites."

No. We will not do this.

It's a bad user experience for the person searching as users expect to go to websites, not email addresses. And searchers will want to know more about a company before emailing them. And by listing email addresses like that, it risks harvesting / spamming. And it is something easy to solve by the submitting integrator simply listing a website or a LinkedIn personal profile, a LinkedIn company page, etc.

If you have some web presence, you are welcome to submit your integrator.

John, I agree. We have one but it is about five years old and is in need of an update, we have been dragging our feet but the integrator finder has lit a fire under me...

John, what is your SEO strategy on this data? Of course IPVM end-users will be aware of the tool, but for the bigger play, both for IPVM and their Integrators, have you put any thought into making IPVM results come to the top of google results? (Without paying google, that is.)

Say when someone asks for a 'Genetec dealer in Eastern P.A.' or an 'Exacq integrator in Guam'? Pop! - IPVM says there are 3 dealers in your area.

Also, as pertains to this

IPVM members and IPVM certified individuals will be highlighted to help promote / recognize those participating in IPVM

I would like to suggest a slight modification, namely that you highlight ALL integrators who are certified by IPVM or by a IPVM recognized equivalent. This way you can avoid any negative perception of being a pay for placement style listing, like the BBB and Yelp. In this case you would be highlighting integrators based on merit alone. Which is important to people.

Of course you get to decide what is an equivalent certification, so you still are control. Also, for prospective members, the fact that their outside is certification is recognized by IPVM will make them feel a camaraderie with their IPVM colleagues, increasing the chances they become members. Just a thought.

Thanks, that's good feedback.

"Say when someone asks for a 'Genetec dealer in Eastern P.A.' or an 'Exacq integrator in Guam'? Pop! -IPVM says there are 3 dealers in your area."

We could automatically generate listings for various areas, e.g., 'X Security Integrators in NYC', 'Y Security Integrators in Sacramento'.

I also see this as something that we can get quite a number of other sites to link to.

"namely that you highlight ALL integrators who are certified by IPVM or by a IPVM recognized equivalent. This way you can avoid any negative perception of being a pay for placement style listing, like the BBB and Yelp."

There is no fee for placement, and no one gets more prominent placement for being an IPVM member (unlike Yelp where people who pay do get featured above non payers).


Here are some generic ideas for potential future features;

  • Be able to add a radius (mile or km) from initial location for search criteria. ie. look for integrators that have a local presence within 50 miles of a facility.
  • Be able to add whether authorized integrator(s) for specific product lines, i.e. brands of VMS or Camera
  • Be able to add search criteria for specific certifications available from integrator. i.e. do they have they BICSI certified technicians, RDDC, etc... or certified electricians etc... (very important for my industry)
  • After sale product line support - is it inhouse by vendor or is it subcontracted to others

Hope this is helpful.



Hi Joel,

In the search field up top you can enter in any location you want and it will center it on that (i.e., type in Boston, click return, the map is now centered on Boston). To that extent, I do not think it's necessary to set a radius as one can immediately zoom in or out on that selected region to their own personal preference.

The latter two are the type of advanced criteria we are going to wait on until the 2.0 version. It's going to take a lot of time simply to get the basic listing of thousands of integrators and I want that complete before attempting a much more complex undertaking.

Understood. Just adding feedback

This is a great idea. Especially considering there will be a quick way to show integrators specialties, certs, etc. John, not sure if you have ever thought to promote more towards the Home Automation integrator but this should open those doors as well- new topics and products dedicated to that space. IPVM would then be way more attractive to outside of the traditional security integrator. Just a thought.

Hunter: What types of companies would you want to see covered?

I have Control 4 come up when I am out in the field. Usually they have a hard time integrating with different model IP cameras (except for Axis they are always supported it seems).

Control 4 is getting better when it comes to cameras, they claim 1500 models, and Lilin has written a driver for C4 offering full control (not ONVIF) of their NVR.

Agree with Hunter that Home Automation is a natural next step, if IPVM wanted to widen its base a bit. Heck, there's already quite a lot here already for them: All the networking stuff, access control/intrusion and low end video stuff just to start.

And there's plenty of people fully doing both, my brother-in-law is doing well as a C4 dealer, and as a Mobotix (yeah, I know) dealer.

It would be nice to see Savant, Control4 and Crestron dealers and as mentioned there is quite a bit of useful information already here on IPVM for that customer base. It would be relatively easy to expand into Home Automation. Specific topics as well.

Hi Hunter,

Thanks for raising this. It's an interesting aspect / question.

For the Finder, it begs the question of what counts as an integrator? My conception is a company that does video and access. But certainly a lot of home automation and intrusion installers do some video / access as well. I am not sure how to create a clear cut off about who should be included or not. Anyone with ideas, please share.

As for home automation (and intrusion since this is the other big area we don't cover), it's something we'd like to do but we need to figure out how to dedicate a person to do so (since there is a lot of material to cover there).


Update: Integrators that have submitted their information through this survey have been added to our Integrator Finder.

For those interested, fill out the survey and have your company added!

Quick update: We have finished building a custom integrator submission tool and will now commence mass additions. Given that we will be adding thousands of companies, we needed a way to quickly and accurately add integrators. Now we have that.

We expect to add ~1000 per week for the next few weeks, prior to formally announcing this before ISC West.

We'll be going through the list of IPVM integrator members to add as many as we can in but if your membership is under a non-company email, then definitely fill out the survey.

Once we get to the first 1,000, I'll post an update about that to encourage you all to review it. See the IPVM Integrator Finder Beta.

I like this tool. This could be very useful.

276 integrators and counting!

We are now at 800 integrators. It is really starting to show the power of having security integrators on a single map.

However, we still have over 1000 IPVM members not accounted. Main reason is personal email addresses. The other 2 big issues are: websites without physical addresses listed and finally integrators with broken websites.

Check to see if you are in the Integrator Finder and, if not, fill out the entry form.

John, it would be helpful to be able to search by Security Integrators that are authorized Dealers in a specific Access Control Platform (Lenel in my case). Same would hold true if I were looking for a Fire Integrator -they have to be an authorized FCI dealer.

Great first start, thanks for your efforts.


That's our goal for version 2, thanks.

We are on there, great thanks John! :) Maybe the inclusion of a thumbnail image of the company logo?

Cheers Paul


That's an interesting idea. In the future, if and when we support an integrator profile page, we will likely include an option to include a logo / wordmark for each company.

John- I noticed something when I used the beta search engine.

When I searched "Ohio' we did not come up in that search, however when I searched "OH" we did show up. Might want to make each integrator’s state or country is spelled the same for their location.



I see what the issue is - some Ohio companies are listed as 'OH', like yours and other are listed as 'Ohio". We get from Google lookups, so I'll look about what we can do there.

I manually changed yours to 'Ohio' and once our search engine updates later today, that should solve yours.

Looks great so far. One suggestion is to allow for a narrower search based on city, county, zip codes. In many US states there are so many different cities it would be nice to find the integrator(s) closest to the one you live in without having to scroll through a huge list. Kind of like most of the "find a store" models on line for Target, Best Buy etc.


You can search by location, including zip codes, on the top search field, above the map.

We might add it in the bottom search for the table but since its already available in the top, it's not a high priority.