First Ever IPVM Podcast - Business Trends April 2015

We talk industry growth rates, Axis, Canon, Milestone, multi-imagers, Avigilon and more.

  • 0:10 - Axis Announcement
  • 3:57 - Canon Consolidation
  • 6:56 - Multi-imager Manufacturers
  • 11:00 - Avigilon Half Naked Women

Listen / Download the 12 minute podcast now.

What do you think? Like or dislike the format? Want to improve it, let us know.

Will there be an RSS link or a way to get to this via iTunes? Speaking only for myself, that would be a heck of a lot more convenient.

I want to figure out how many people are even interested in listening to this before doing anything else.

I would love this on Itunes Podcast. I agree it would be much easier to listen to and I would be all over it each time.

Btw, if anyone wants to be a guest, let us know.

It might be popular with 'undisclosed A' or 'undisclosed B' if we can find a way to change their voices.

That would be fun...

I'd give it maybe a 7/10. Good overall, a little bit clumsy in a couple of parts (protip: don't walk around the room while recording your audio :) )

I like the concept because for some topics it easier to discuss vs. writing.

Who did the interview? I didn't catch his name anywhere in the interview. I like the concept and overall was good to listen to.

IPVM's Mike Budalich did the questioning.


Thanks. I didn't realize he was on staff. IPVM staff has increased significantly in the last year.

What mic are you using? And what mic are is your guest using?

It sounds like Mike's frequency range is mid-pass limited, POTS style. If using closed-back headsets, you can record full-spectrum audio at both locations and then merge into one audio channel in post.

I am not sure we are going to get that complicated. Presumably there are also other intermediate steps.

As for the setup, just Mac Airs and Skype.

I like the idea of the podcast. I agree it would be more convenient if it were in iTunes.

Okay, I listened to it. It was good! I'd subscribe if it was on iTunes.

I liked it. It's good to hear the free flowing conversation. I would listen but don't care about iTunes. Just having a link from a post was good for me. You should interview end users as well as integrators and manufacturers.
Oh and yes last year the nude, I mean painted girls and boys, was strange but this year it was very minimal and seemed more tradition than anything.

Anyone have any opinions on length?

I personally cringe when I see podcasts that are an hour long. I seriously question how many people can be engaging / entertaining for that long of a time period. Yes/no?

Anyone have any opinions on length?

It's not about the length, it's more about how you use it. But, to answer your question, I'm sure the length was adequate.

Bookmarks would help:

  • 0:10 - Axis Announcement
  • 3:57 - Canon Consolidation
  • 6:56 - Multi-imager Manufacturers
  • 11:00 - Booth Babe Boondoggle

That's a good idea on the bookmarks.

Btw, so that the Avigilon loyalists don't hunt you down, technically they were not 'booth babes', they were more like "Breast Branded Gals"

Twenty minutes is about long enough. In that time, you can hit four or five topics, answer listener emails, and promote the next podcast and whatever else you got going on- courses, certifications, Honovichmania tshirts, whatever.

If your worried about time just do more podcasts. Time never bugs me I listen to alot of hour long interviews.

Glad to hear Mike with his newly polished shoes. 10 to 15 makes a quick time, you could do 30 in 10 minute segments.

That guy knew what he was doing! Mine still look like mirrors a week later.

I was also thinking if IPVM members had specific questions for our podcast they can send them to me: and I'll ask one question per podcast "from the IPVM Community"

Hi John and Mike, I enjoyed the first IPVM podcast and had been about to request podcasts! I'll still want to read plenty of articles and discussions but podcasts are less dry and more entertaining as they include each person's voice.

In future podcasts, I would like the presenters to be introduced at the start with enough brief detail to know who and what they are. I did not know who "Mike" was. Guests should also be introduced at the start, or as their segment starts, or both. The podcast ended abruptly and it would have been nice to have a brief wrap-up.

The podcast length was very convenient but I wouldn't have a problem with longer ones as they can always be paused and resumed. Knowing the topics in advance is very helpful if wanting to skip over a section and just play the ones of most interest.

In any podcast, I would first like IPVM's take on industry news as well as interviews with manufacturers, integrators and even customers with interesting deployments of cameras and related hardware and software. I'm mainly interested in tech news but the questions about how, what and why manufactuers are doing are also of interest.

I would like IPVM members to be able to submit questions as audio recordings, as well as text for those wishing to remain Undisclosed. These questions should be submitted in advance, rather than live, so there is time for research if necessary.

Mike's voice sounded as though he was on a phone which is strange as Skype's audio quality can be very good. At the very least, iPhone earbuds with an inline mic should help improve audio quality. A noise-cancelling microphone should ideally be used rather than relying upon the built-in mics in the computer. If you're doing interviews over Skype or similar, this is a cheap way of significantly increasing audio quality. I use a USB mic for this reason on my MacBook.

I can't wait for your next podcast about the amazing demand for IPVM lanyards and the trade in counterfeit copies!

Very good John. Would like to see more of these podcast.

I enjoyed it. All the suggestions listed are good. Take from the mist commented articles of the week.

Some good feedback from an email to me:

1. Prior to the podcast- have members send questions to you like a mailbag, and have you respond on the podcast.
2. Use 5 min a podcast to educate on new or old topics/technology. I always learn something new on the articles, having this in verbal form while driving would be excellent.
3. One of the more entertaining portions of your site is when someone wants to start a "conflicting" argument with IPVM. Instead of the a forum which can stretch into 30 comments, having a person on to conduct a constructive debate would be both entertaining, and knowledgeable. This will be tough, but would definitely increase followers of the podcast.
4. Have a integrator or end user on for a quick 5 min interview. Have them discuss their challenges and successes when it comes to the IP Video. This would be valuable to get feedback from the front lines of people who are deploying technology, and those who are using it. This will make our community stronger and more knowledgeable.

John. I like how you ran with my idea. Invite me on sometime.

I do recall you emailed us suggesting a podcast. That noted, the actual motivation was from Mike who was speaking with an integrator member.

As for inviting manufacturers, here's my issue. How entertaining / open are manufacturers going to be? Not many people want to hear a standard manufacturer pitch on a podcast yet not many manufacturers have the permission and personality to not drone on about how wonderful their products are.

If you are sure that you can deliver on that, I'll consider it.

Will there be a Fall 2015 Trends podcast? I would listen if you do one!

Good info!