Finding The MP Count Of A Camera

Can we find out how many Mega Pixel a camera is, with out knowing its Model number?

Can you clarify? Are you looking at a camera? How do you know what the camera is without knowing its model number?

Do you have a still frame capture from it?

You could multiply the x pixels by the y pixels. This would tell you the effective MP of the camera at the time of the capture, though it may have a higher maximum resolution.

one of my customers brought a camera and there is no mention of the manufacturers name on the camera except its model number and MAC address , its input voltage . I could find out the name of the company using the cameras MAC address . Its DAHUA . but could not get the details of the model number in dahua website : Model no: HNC72120EN-IR- Z .

I could ask the company representative to the spec details. But still , if we want to find how many MP a camera is without knowing its model can we find by logging in to the camera ??

By the way i could not get the spec of the above model can anyone get me the spec ??

Does it look like this?

Anyway it should be no sweat to login to the camera and get to the image settings, from which you can see and set the resolution. For instance the camera above would show 1280x960 which technically is 1.228,800 MP, but with some very liberal rounding rules makes an even 1.3 MP.

Or you could take a snapshot thru the interface and examine that directly on your PC to do the same thing.

Are you sure the model number is HNC72120EN-IR- Z?

Dahua's naming convention is to start models with DH-, e.g., DH-HAC... or DH-IPC, etc.

And, yes, if you can log into the camera, in the configuration there is generally a dropdown to select resolution that would indicate what the options are.