Finding Lowest Prices For IP Cameras Online

For most, us including, the traditional way to find prices online for IP cameras is to use Google product search. However, that tool is dead, replaced by the look alike, yet fundamentally different Google Shopping.

Unlike Google products search where any vendor could be listed, Google Shopping only shows those retailers who pay Google. Because of this, there are a lot less total retailers listed and much more preference / positioning of big retailers like Amazon, B&H Photo, Newegg, etc. who presumably pay more.

The main risk is that lower cost retailers who are unwilling to pay Google's price will now be hard to find.

Any suggestions? Approaches? Other options?

We use only primary distributors or direct from manufacturers when purchasing cameras, you might buy cheaper elsewhere however the trade off in after sale support can be a much larger offset than just a few $ saved on price.

Jack, I agree, certainly for buying in volume, it's better to go through such channels. The purpose of this discussion is more about scanning the market to see what's publicly offered online.

i don't believe we have ever purchased cameras via cots method... it has always been done through distribution or another integrator...

Yes, so the flip side is actually beneficial here for most integrators. Since Google wants a cut now, it makes it harder for end users to find lower cost options.

good point john... something that may have been low cost before was a benefit to retailers, now google wants their piece so the price goes up... i also appreciate talking to a consistent sales rep also vs. adding items to a shopping cart... that relationship proves to be beneficial... may be through better product pricing, shipping etc.

Go to manufacturer, or ask manufacturer to suggest retailer's to you. Always call and use those negotiating skills!

Since we only purchase AXIS it is always pretty easy to find the best price just by googling it or using We have settled on one online place that gives us a straight 12% discount on AXIS (they give it to anyone who asks) so we have stuck with them as they offer free shipping and we normally get the camera(s) within two or three days.

I know we have talked about it before, but I have yet to have an integrator turn down a job when I told them we would supply the cameras. After sales support has never been an issue and it is WELL worth buying online because it is never just a few dollars saved. It is ALWAYS at least 15% no matter who quotes the job. When it is thousands of dollars worth of cameras 15% savings is nice.....

Commence tomato throwing! :)

If you are getting 12% discount (presumably off of MSRP) and it always saves at least 15% for you, does that mean all your integrators are selling Axis at MSRP? That seems uncompetitively priced.

At least 15% John. Sometimes it is 25% or 35%, but always at least a 15%. Just took a peek and here is an example of my pre discount pricing.... Not sure how this stacks up.

Axis Cam pre discount

If my math is correct I could get this at around $310 give or take a buck or two. Normally we buy enough to qualify for free shipping so no issues there either.

Wait! This may be discount price since the site shows I am already signed in. Yeah because on my other PC the price shows at $399 so this $351 is my discounted price.

Given the M2014-E's MSRP of $399, you are getting 12% off. That's pretty good. In your experience, when integrators sell it to you, are they about the same price or are you saying much more? For example, for that camera, would you expect an integrator to charge $380, $400, more?

I would say it would be in the $370 to $400 range depending on who it is and if they had done business with us before. TYCO would probably charge $475....

If the price came back at $370 and it was only three or four cameras OK, but if it was ten or fifteen I would buy them myself. Our budget is so tight I need to look at ways to save dollars, not hundreds of dollars, dollars. So saving $200 on cameras is gas for the vehicles for almost a week.

John, can explain a bit more why the "old" Google is dead? I see Google/Shopping, but what restricts the "old" way?

Hi Paul, the overall appearance of it is the same. The critical difference is that now Google drops sites from Shopping / Products search unless they pay Google.

The main visual difference you will find now, compared to last year, is less vendors/options for products (i.e., those that did not pay now are removed).

John, We are even more restricted here in Australia. I subscribe to a freight forwarding company in the US that a) provides me with a US address for purchasing goods in the States and, b) provides me with a link to search as if I am in the States. The price differential on electronic gear purchased thru that arrangement is often 50-60% less. (even after I pay the relevant import taxes) It has been that way for a long time and I assume it continues because Australian Suppliers are reluctant to accept that the market place has changed. Given the change with Google search, are you able to suggest a more independant search tool?

Try Bing. Google and Bing return substantially different search results once you pass Axis' website hits.