Filter Cameras By 3-AXIS?

Is there any way to filter the camera finder and only show domes that are have 3-axis abilities? I have a large project when there are 3/4" conduits run inside the building along the wall. I have to mount these domes on the wall and can't even use an arm. Any recommendations? or ideas how to get around this issue?

Hi Moe, we don't filter by 3-axis gimbal. It would be great, but many manufacturers don't list their gimbal type on spec sheets, meaning we'd have to do a lot of investigation just to be able to classify cameras.

That being said, the vast majority of cameras I'm seeing lately are 3-axis, even very low cost domes. Is there a preferred manufacturer or two that you're looking at? I may have had hands on them already.

Thanks Ethan for your reply. I've been mostly using Dahua CVI cameras but I'm not partial to their cameras, looking for good quality CVI domes (I just purchased many of these and they aren't 3-axis: DH-HAC-HDBW2220E).

Any recommendations you may have would be a huge help.