Field Tech Check In / Notes

Hello, what does everyone use for field tech check in / notes system?

We are to a point where we need the techs to have something to log into and add notes and pictures about the job etc.

I looked at the crm's like zoho and insightly.
They don't seem to be built for this.

do you have any policies against cloud storage?

We dont have a policy against "cloud based"...

but the cost is usually higher than installing something on your server.

Are you talking about freelancer field techs? If so, workmarket may be something to consider. If internal, synchroteam or geoop are worth looking at. Did reviews on synchro & geoop for a client - decision still pending.

I was talking about techs from our own company.

They some software to be able to login and make notes about the job, upload pictures etc.

What does everyone else use for this?

A service such as Google Drive is really quite inexpensive, less than half the cost of a Zoho account, which is also good. With our corporate account, there is no size limit. We can have all of the drive space we need. A very simple version of what you are referring to would be to have a folder on Drive labeled "Customers" open that to see folders for each customer, open any of those to individual customers sites. In each of those third level folders you can store anything you want. Drawings (DWG), PDF's, printed emails, Word docs, invoices, pictures, videos, etc. If you want notes, you can have one document that can always be appended; an on-going diary for that site, or several documents. It is a virtual file drawer that your entire staff (and/or customers) can have access to 24 x 7. You can do the same thing with office 365, but 365 does have a strange 22k file limit. You can have one file that is 10TB as an example, but you may only have 22k files before something has to go.

We create an "Install" ticket in our service ticket system and tag/file them so that they are searchable. Post comments, attach files, configs, ect is all in it. We use Zendesk currently. It is not custom built for this specific application or our field, but is cloud based and accessible and has been working well enough for us for the time being.