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Fever Cameras For US School

Hello Pros,

We have a private school client with a few campuses that is requesting a demo for temperature alarm cameras. I reached out to Axis about their Q2901 camera. Their reply was stand offish stating that the camera is not designed for reading human temperatures. They referred me to a 3rd party software company who adds analytics to their cameras, that company has not gotten back to us.

Has anyone here had good results with a temperature alarm "fever" camera in the field?

We bought the Axis Q2901 and started to test it yesterday. We hope to release a report on it the Monday after next.

To your question about good results, I think many users are getting 'good results' if, by that you mean, the results look normal (i.e., around 98°F) and many are happy to get that, to feel better. Some, on seemingly rare occasion, detect people who are then determined to have a fever.

If you have seen our test results (e.g., Dahua, Hikvision, Sunell), we find the real risk is missing fevers, especially when scanning multiple people at once, on the move, with hats, hair covering forehead, etc.

Thanks, looking for ward to seeing the results on the Q2901. Was looking to hear from integrators who've actually installed these. I know some mfgs ant subjects to stop in front of the camera, while others claim to not need that.