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Fence Detection Of Yard, Tie Into Video

I'm looking to add on a fence detection system to our IP Video Surveillance of a yard that as had several robberies. I have designed the camera system and utilized raytec lighting to improve the night time coverage. I would like to tie-in a fence detection system that would trigger the camera system to illuminate and record. Does anyone have experience with a fence detection system that truly works and is easy to service?

Hello Andrew:

Can you give a rough idea of how much fenceline you need to monitor? 100'? 1,000? 10,000?

approx 2200 feet of fence

Senstar Flex PS. We have installed it at 4 locations so far with good results. Low false alarm rate as long as the integrity of the fence is good. The Flex PS processor has 4 programmable relay outputs and two detection zones of 1000'

Our last installation was about 2500' so we pushed it to 1200+' on each zone and it still works flawlessly.

Thanks, Marc.

Here's the overview video for the Flex PS:

Hi Andrew,

We have used Optex motion sensors, model BX-80NR, attached to the outside of a fence to trigger perimeter alerts. Works well in a controlled environment. They trigger a standard intrusion panel, which then alerts our VMS which triggers the PTZ preset to the alarm location. The fence line was approx 1500 feet and required about 24 sensors.