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Favorite Enterprise Access Control For Genetec Security Center VMS?

Spring boarding from the reverse class discussion on VMS's for Lenel, and also from other public discussions comparing access control systems - my question is to compare:

With Security Center as the VMS and UI, the choices of integrated access control are Ccure, OnGuard, Synergis/SMC, Synergis/Mercury.

The scenario is an existing 200 door installation with proprietary non-Genetec integrating ACS.


  1. Lenel, C-Cure, and Synergis are all great systems that will do the job and have solid integrations with GSC.
  2. Synergis gives you a unified system. You'll use Config Tool, an application you already use for video, to administer the system. Less to learn and easier to manage...
  3. The Synergis route should result in a cheaper annual software maintenance cost.
  4. The upfront transition cost is your biggest challenge. What can you reuse? What is the wiring topology? What database information must transition? You'd need to do a good bit of analysis.
  5. We've had great success with SMC/HID, SMC/Mercury, and SMC/Aperio hardware options. Don't hesitate to use any of them.

Thanks Shaun for your feedback.

You itemize good considerations that need good analysis.

Synergis/SMC/Mercury has been the best choice for us. A huge upgrade over the HID only days. The Edge controllers are convenient, easy to support, easy to install; just not the most predictable.

What is the architecture of the existing ACS hardware? Multidoor home run panels, or edge intelligent controllers, or both?

Thanks Sean!

Architecture is multidoor home run panels.

1 to 4 door reader interfaces coalesced in zone panels, then RS-485 trunk lines to tcp/ip master controllers.

Can anyone briefly share their experience with integrating Milestone Xprotect Corporate VMS with CEM (Tyco) AC 2000 Access Control system? What worked well? What was a challenge? Have the forecasted benefits been realized?

CEM AC 2000 Milestone Access Control Interface Product Overview

Milestone don't seem to promote this partnership/product. I assume that is because the product is sold by CEM.

Indeed, in both cases, CEM pulls video controls from Genetec/Milestone into their AC2000 application.

CEM has only recently been approved by Tyco for sale in North American markets. (The start of 2015). Integration and resell experience is going to be hard to come by for those end users and integrators.

We can reach out to Tyco if you have specific technical questions beyond 'usability'. Just list any questions here, and I'll forward them to our CEM contacts.