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Informative: 1

I've been comparing NVR and NAS Solutions. Really want a NAS Solution for a upto 10 cam solution. Here some findings that may be of Interest.

1. QNAP - Browser only works on Windows, MAC client is half baked, It uses NAAPI which support is being dropped in Chrome in favor of Pepper API for Security Reasons. Client has not been upgraded in a year - Looking for other Solutions, which is a shame since we have deployed many of these NAS's. Client Working after W10 upgrade but most Customer clients switch to OSX after the Vista disaster.

2. Ubiquity UVC. Have several systems installed. Your stuck with their $140 - 720P cams which have marginal low light performance. They have re-coded the Software and NOW works great in Chome Browser. Actually displays 15+ cams on a cheap entry level Chrome Box or any Andriod device. Amazing: Note: NO Browser Plugin - I guess it's pure HTML5. No Flash. If this NVR supported HIK's Dahua, etc my search would be over.

3. About to buy a Synology 815 NAS for Test. They have put a lot of work into Surveilance Station 7.0 . Venders need to move to HTML 5 and away from Flash/java/ custom Plugin's. Note that Internet Explorer is End Of Life. Hope it works better than QNAP on OSX. Many companies don't want plugin's screwing up Clients PC. Plugin's from China - forget it. Custom layouts per user via a standard web browser will sell systems. Would love to LIVE desktop screen savers. Any once have experience on the new offering from synology? What's the chance it may be worth $50 per Camera?

NOTICE: This comment has been moved to its own discussion: Looking NVR Solution For 10 Cameras