Fake AHD?

AHD is one of the three new non IP HD offerings. We tested analog HD here and discussed it here.

AHD's main claim to fame is that incredibly low prices, even for analog HD.

However, AHD is becoming a cat fight amongst no name manufacturers.

Now, one of them is claiming that fake AHD offerings are coming to market.

From an email from 'T/T':

"The real AHD DVR uses NVP6114 capture chip for NEXTCHIP, which is standard 720P HD signal-capture chip.

The non-real AHD DVR uses DECOD capture chip of NVR1914C for NEXTCHIP which assembly with standard 960H signal DVR. In which the code chip uses Hisilicon HI3515A, but the coding and decoding ability can only achieve to 960H non-real time."

Anyone hear anything about this?

As I know, AHD currently has three spec: 960H , 720P and 1.3M. the 1080P solution will be available at the end of 2014 ( chipset).

So...I think it is not fake or real regarding to resolution, it is spec.