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Facial Recognition - What Works?

I have a client that is asking about facial recognition and I have never worked with any FR partners before. Does anyone have a solution in place that is perfoming well? I have always felt that the FA field was prone to false alerts, but I have not looked closely at the technology for a couple years. The application would simply be recognizing an individual that was once previously enrolled in the system in order to generate a notification of their presence. As always thanks for the information in advance!

Hi A,

Can you be more precise about what you mean when you talk about Facial Regognition?

Do you mean "recognizing if it is a face and then recording" or do you mean "recorgnizing who's face it is and then reacting on a positive match". These are very different.

In addition, can you give more details on how you/your customer would like to capture the facial images (at what distance, under what environment/lighting, how many subjects to view at a time, etc...) and what you woul an the system to do once the images are captures (what event management would you like to happen when a "face" is recognized)

Hey Mark.

In this case I mean recognizing the face and comparing it against a known database of subjects and making a match. The customer would capture the facial details in whatever manner is suggested by the application to get the best results, likely a photograph. That is the database information that would be referenced when the subject is captured at a later time by a live video camera watching a lobby area (that camera would be installed specific to this application). Once a positive match is found, an alert would be sent to a responding party. That alert is undefined at this time, but it could be through a VMS.

It is a very complex and problemtic subject. On the software side is algorithmic and mathmatical calculations. These usually involve many different variables such as lighting conditions, camera angles and defining recognition for it's intended use. For example, can the application live with a 90% success rate.

I started on this project years ago. My objective is to have a security camera collect marketing and production data (through facial and object recognition), thus, moving the expense of the physical security system from one of "loss prevntion" to that of providing informationm to increase sales and/or production. After two years it is still my objective but it has become very complex and I am in need of a programmer.

What is the application?


See my reply to Mark above for application details. The goal is to notify when a person on the blacklist is identified. Much like i am doing with LPR at other client sites.

We had this same discussion a month ago - see: Facial Recognition Product Options?

Thanks! Not sure how I missed that when I did my search!