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Facial Recognition That Works And Also Works Instantly?

I am VERY skeptical of the story in this piece.

This is just the teaser. I saw the entire episode on TV, but can't find the facial recognition video online.

Is this the episode?

I would say 90% no, however, the full story is not being told or is unclear. They are setting the customer up with a good face shot when coming into the store. They let on that the Loyalty Card is part of the process. (I would think this would be illegal to keep a database of pictures with name and information, however when you sign up for loyalty card, you're probably OK'ing it all)

I'm wondering if they are tracking you by your phone, as that is what some major business intelligence companies incorporate into their analytics software. I'm also wondering if this software manufacturer shares database and information with other end users that have this software or if the collected information is just per end user.

These retail locations better make sure they have looked over all legal ramifications and get prepared when new regulatory compliances come out like when HIPAA and PCI compliance came out to protect consumers and patients.

That is it! Thanks Chris.

A comedian presenting face recognition, how apropo...

I bet it could work fairly decent if the person manually is enrolled and they go back to the same store. On the other hand, I am not sure how much value there is in that or how open people will be to be enrolled in the face rec system.

Where this would be really beneficial is chain stores / multiple locations but that increases the complexity significantly.

I like their orientation on surveillance applications. But it is an advertisment and it is realy bad that they promote themself with such kind of videos. After that we need to fight with over expectations of customers. "Why cannot you do it? I saw that everybody can.".

Some comments on a video:

  1. No details on a process whether it is identification or verification
  2. No information on a size of dataset
  3. No information on a threshold / comparison results
  4. The same conditions on enrolment and recognition
  5. Used glasses is nothing - they in fact obscure not significant parts of face + see my points above
  6. Mustaches - really I am wondering on the system parameters. Try to make this trick within a real environment. Sometimes it works but claim that it is a usual thing...

Facial recognition can be useful but for loyalty programs it is probably not the best choice.