Facial Recognition Software

I have a project that requires Facial Recognition. I will use Panasonic IP cameras.

Can anyone recommend a good software solution and that is integrated with panasonic cameras?

Vasco, what do you want to do? Catch bad guys in real time? See if employees leave early? And is this outside or inside? Lots of people? Just a few people?

If you can provide a few details, that would help us be more informative in our responses.

Panasonic has their own system that works with some of their cameras. Link

Other recommendations can be done after we get more details on a project.

3VR has nvr's that include facial recognition as part of the sytem and not an add on analytic. They work with Panasonic IP cameras too.

well as someone who has first hand experience with facial recongintion software Panasonic and other wise you could save money on the 16/32 channel NVRs as they support them (WV-NV200 and WV-NV300) Panasonic has a really awesome software package WV-ASF900 that Panasonic cant ever seem to fully release for sale.

now I have seen live demos of the ASF900, it is down right scary if you get a good shot with a camera how accurate it is.

the NVRS not so much they only support 1 or two cameras and the hardware really cant handle it anyway, so its hard to say if you can go in a full Panasonic solution.

Gentec has integration with Panasonic cameras with their systems though

I wonder why has somebody marked Eddie's post as unhelpful?

maybe it because I misspelled "Genetec"

or the usual Panasonic hate since no one posted why they disagree

Eddie, can you contact me through the IPVM or directly by email?

I read every comment. And everyone is right

To begin: I'm a fan of PANASONIC facial recognition system. WJ-NV200 and WJ-NV300 have one channel of Facial Recognition. I have it on my company show room and it works fine

The problem is that each has only one channel. The WV-ASF900 software is very good, but very expensive for a small solution like the one i must make a Project/Proposal.

I need to have 5 or 6 facial recognition cameras on a building. This means i would need 6 NVRS. And also these NVRs are expensive adding to the full project. The WV-ASF900 solution is too expensive for such a small solution.

Conclusions: I need a software recognition platform, that can use the PANASONIC IP cameras and that must be in terms of pricing competitive. Only for 5 or 6 cameras.

Thats all. The solution is for a client in a dangerous country. He wants analytics and also FACIAL RECOGNITION

its Panasonic's but its in combination with 3rd party programmers being contracted for Panasonic.

WV-NV300 can handle up to 2 cameras each

What is the purpose of this system? Do they want to identify people over a watch-list? If yes then what size of watch-list does your customer need (100-1000-10K people or more)? Are there any other any other needs (store faces of visitor etc.)?

ah never mind they have changed it. it used to be two now it can only handle one.

none of it is really cheap regardless of you go with though.

To be honest, this subject is still on project. I'm helping the client

on a solution.

The watch list is difficult to have an idea.

This is an hotel, capacity for 500 customers. Situated on an african country.

In summer perhaps from May to September full capacity.

But its hard to understand the full capacity.

What is the purpose of using the FR? Usually hotels want either to identify VIP customers or unwelcomed people (fired employees, offenders etc.) on enter in real-time. Sometimes it can be identification of strangers on premises in real-time.

Or do they need it for the investigative purposes i.e. to find when this person was on premises?

I see that you guys are well versed in Panasonic's FacePro software, and I am not. But I can't help but ask why you think you need a NVR for each camera to do multiple real-time face recs?

Is the NVR even strictly needed for real-time rec? The docs say the 900 can handle 10 cameras at once, (or 20 with half the facebase). I would think that the one channel/per NVR limitation applies to face rec during playback, no?

If it does mean 1 real time per recorder, then it does seem ridiculous, since what is the recorder needed to do when the camera does the face detection and the pc does the recognition?

the NVR's are running on hardware equivalent to a $600 smart phone so they are limited to how much data they can process at one time, hence the 1 real time camera per NVR.

as I stated earlier Panasonic hasn't released ASF900 yet and every time you ask a rep its the next quarter, ( I have been asking since july 2014) and they keep shelling out excuses why they cant release it. also to run ASF900 you need a about $4000 server minimum to get any decent results out of the software when pushing multiple cameras from what I have seen.

its funny because their face recognition and camera side analytic's are some of the best software out there for the cost and they hide it/ or dont push it. then they give away free copies of their ASM software garbage and praise it like it the best thing ever.

The NVR's are running on hardware equivalent to a $600 smart phone so they are limited to how much data they can process at one time, hence the 1 real time camera per NVR.

Even so, what exactly are they "processing" besides just passing along the stream (in live mode)?

no the NVR will process facial information without ASF900 which is why it can only do one camera per NVR

the ASF900 as I have stated earlier has not been released for the US/Europe, it has been only been released for japan and select governments.

Ok, got it Eddie.

Has pricing been announced for the ASF900?

@vasco, Is it the price of the ASF900 software or the cost of an additional server or both, that makes that solution too pricey?

I really thank everyone for their comments and ideas.

I now have some ideas.

Durig night i emailed several FC companies:


Just to have an idea of pricing

I will wait for pricing and them decide if i will use PANASONIC or not

And regarding PANASONIC facial recognition and to the ones that dont


It works very well and very fast on NVR and also on WV-ASF900

Good but expensive (WV-ASF900)

I have been watching the comments

And everyone is right

The only thing that is not correct is that WV-ASF900 is already beying sold.

I have it on my general price list. The cost of this (without adition licenses for WV-ASM200)

is like 7500 euros (base license) and then you have to add the license for the number of

cameras, more 1000 euros. The right price i dont have it. Its more or less.

But of course this solution is completely different from the 1 channel of the NVR.

On the last presentation that my company did for some clients the test of facial recognition

and it works very well.

Theoretically speaking, meaning I'm not actually suggesting this, but just curious whether this kludge from hell would even work at all:

Panasonic 4K camera on ch 1, pointed at 4K monitor that is connected to NVR displaying 4 1080p cameras in a quad.

Potential Issues:

  1. NVR not powerful enough
  2. Degrdation from additional D/A A/D makes recognition impossible


  1. Added camera/monitor is expensive,
  2. Lose channel specific face information


  1. Does NVR even support 4K face rec on 1 Ch?