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Have you done any testing or research on the Facekey product? Facial recognition access control. The company is based in San Antonio, Tx.

Hello, Undisclosed:

No, we have not done any testing on Facekey. I have seen their equipment used in the field, for smaller facilities (<50 people).

I believe it is on-par with other FR offerings, in that it works best when the internal comparative database is small, lighting is optimal, and people are generally compliant with 'being read' - no scarves, sunglasses, ballcaps, or tilted head angles.

In the deployments I am familar with, readers were used on four doors, each permitting access into the same protected area. It was indoors, well lit, and low traffic with narrow hallways. An ideal situation, and they seemed to performed well.

From looking at their rudimentary website and minimum sized team, I suspect the core technology is almost certainly OEM/ODMed from a larger facial recognition company.