Facedeals - This Is Pretty Neat

Watch the overview video:

It's a pilot / experiment right now from a small company but it makes sense and technically could work.


"The cameras are standalone devices developed around open source technologies including Raspberry Pi, Arduino, OpenCV and the Facebook Graph API."

Btw, this emerged from the 60 mintues face recognition discussion.

I find this creepy, but then again I am almost 40. I am guessing anyone under mid-twenties would eat this up. They are used to putting all their activities and their location out for public knowledge, I am not. I would rather check in to a location to get a deal instead of having it automated.

Im just 30 and i find it creepy

It's opt-in though so you only do it if you want the discounts, you're comfortable with the location, etc.

Pretty cool BUT, even if you 'opt-out' the system wouldnt it still need to 'read' your face and perform its analytics to make that determination which means it has recorded and stored the facial info somewhere even for a short time. Who decides how long that retention is and who legally has access to that information. Could 'authorities obtain those also?

hmm.. privacy issues and questions abound and are certainly at odds with supposed benefit. At least in my opinion.

Isn't that the same question for Facebook? ;) Except a billion times bigger and more important than this little app?

Oh yeah absolutely. Once you opened the pandora's box it impossible to close it. All of the social networks have the same issue.

It would seem to make sense that a police department had similar facial recognition technology linked to a database (mugshots?) so that when a person entered the precinct, district station, etc. the officer could be notified that they had outstanding warrants, had a history of violence or was a person of interest in a crime. Recall the violence in a Detroit police precinct.