Ez Does It - The EZVIZ Marketing Campaign Begins

Without any official word from corporate parent Hikvision, EZVIZ looks to have turned the marketing machine on in anticipation of showing at CES 2016:

From CNET: Ezviz promises new 'affordable' security systems in 2016

to paid reviews EZVIZ Mini Indoor Wi-Fi Camera – Affordable Home Security

to DIY - EZVIZ to Introduce DIY Line of HD Home Security Systems

And prices are starting to drop, only $199 for four 1080p cameras and recorder with hard drive and Free shipping!

EZVIZ 4 Channel 1080p Analog Security System with 1TB HDD and 4 Weatherproof 1080p Bullet Cameras

What you get for $199.99

400+ PixelsPerPenny may be a new record for 4ch 1080p kits

Good find on the Newegg price for 4 channel kit. Amazon evidently is now down to $266.75.

Related, I couldn't resist. Ethan, yours will be there this week.

This is even more astounding than the $399 - 8 1080p Cameras And a 2TB DVR Lorex kit given that you get the same thing for half the price from Hikvision direct.

Ethan, yours will be there this week.

Did you get your CheezWiz 720p Dropcam replacement yet?

Best quote:

"A sub-$100 HD camera is essentially unheard of when you look at the pricing landscape for standalone DIY models today; most cost at least $150, if not $200 or more."

Yes, that's because only Hikvision can afford to due this...

They had some PR even before this, here's one placed from Nov 12th on Arstechnica and Gizmag on October 15th.

Hikvision hired a NYC PR firm, Brand Definition. It's the standard PR campaign, just hiding any connection to Hikvision.

How is what we a seeing with Chinese low prices different from the 2004 analog CCTV days? History is repeating itself yet the industry continue to grows...

This is absolutely nothing like 2004.

It has only been the last 3 years that Chinese manufacturers have launched their own branded sales in any significant way in North America. That's a gamechanger.

Also, not sure what industry you think continues to grow, but if you exclude China, I doubt the industry is going to grow even 5% revenue this year. That's not because the economy is bad or demand is bad, but because the price of products is falling fast. And if you factor out DIY / direct to consumer sales, I bet the 'traditional' industry is actually contracting.

SAMs club sold cheap DIY analog cameras in 2004, I can't speak for Amazon however. Perhaps the big change is the broad availablity via the web?

I was an integrator in 2004 and Sam's Club, Costco, the Internet, etc. was zero factor. Never came up even once.

Btw, archive.org for Samsclub's website only goes back to 2006, but even then their CCTV offering was extremely limited and only for delivery at that point, not in the store.

A factor in the DIY market that is unrelated to the origin of products... DIY candidates include Gen Xers and Millennials, the same people who networked their houses in the 90's just to share a printer. I think the cheap junk has always been available but the people who might have bought it didn't have the aptitude to install it.

"I think the cheap junk has always been available"

That's simply factually wrong. We can certainly debate / try to find what year but the start of it being widely available in big box stores is much closer to 2010 than 2004. What buttressed the market even when big box stores got into cctv kits was that MP was not available in those stores. It has only been since 2014 that MP is widely available in big box stores, closing the gap hard.

Looks like a nice setup for residential systems... it would be nice if they had a 4 channel PoE system available...