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Long Range Integrated IR Camera / Extremecctv Replacement

Im trying to recomend for a customer a replacement camera that is equal or better than his analog ExtremeCCTV EX82. Bosch bought up ExtremeCCTV and offered an IP version, EX85 I belive, but I dont think its availiable any longer. What the customer and I liked was the built in IR seamed exceptional compared to alternatives like IR bullets. The distance we are trying to illuminate are about 150 to 200' and are wide shots. The built in IR was able to cover this pretty well it seemed. Now Im afraid the only way to get this today is with sepearte IR lights and cameras. Any recomendations?

Have you seen the Extreme/Bosch NEI-30 rated IR up to 160 meters?

Also, there is the more recent and lower cost Avigilon Integrated IR cameras with a 9-22mm focal lens options, claiming coverage up to 60 meters. You can see our full test results of Avigilon Integrated IR camera.

There is an EX30 online If you use the Bosch Video Security app you can view playback from overnight. Go here for the app. Hope this helps! Matt

Matt, the Bosch website lists the EX30 as being discontinued. Yes/no? If so, what are the current Bosch/Extreme long range IR models?

The replacement is the NEI-30 or VEI-30 depending if you want analog or IP. The EX-30 was an older version. This new version is much easier for installation and adjustment. For IP click here. For analog, click here.

I am confused. I already recommended the NEI-30 earlier. So why are you recommending a discontinued model?

We internally still call it the EX-30. Sorry, I didn't see the mention of NEI/VEI in the string. Hopefully you can use the online camera to take a look at performance.